6 reasons patients are choosing dental implants

Not only can missing teeth have a big impact on your sense of self-esteem, they also pose a threat to your remaining teeth if not replaced. Read on to discover how dental implants are putting smiles back on faces and giving patients a new lease of life.

What’s the difference between dental implants and crowns?

In the past, crowns and bridges were often used to replace missing teeth. They are not, however, the ideal solution as they rely on the support of surrounding teeth, which can compromise otherwise healthy teeth and eventually lead to further problems. Dental implants, in contrast, use state-of-the-art dentistry to replace not just the visible part of the tooth, but also the root – eliminating any negative effect on healthy teeth and also restoring strength in the jaw.

This is achieved thanks to a tiny biocompatible titanium screw that is attached to a lifelike dental crown and functions as a replacement for the missing root. As a result, not only do you get exceptional cosmetic results, you are also able to prevent weakness in the future, something that is a significant risk for those with missing teeth. The procedure is painless and the implant itself is completely invisible, while the crown looks and feels just like your natural teeth. As well as their natural look and feel, another huge benefit of implants is that they are suitable for almost every patient and can be used to replace anything from a single missing tooth to a complete arch. 

1. Replacement teeth that look and feel natural 

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, what most patients really want is for their mouth to look and feel completely natural – and that is exactly what dental implants offer. Because dental implants are mounted on a replacement root made of biocompatible titanium, they are completely self-supported and you will not feel any unfamiliar sensations in your mouth. At the same time, the crown is carefully prepared to look and feel just like your natural teeth. Once your implants have been fully fitted, it’s easy to forget you ever had missing teeth. Patients who have tried other solutions report that dental implants are a real game changer.

2. A painless procedure

The dental implant procedure itself is conducted under local anaesthetic and is simple and painless. Once installed, the titanium root becomes solidly fused to your bone over a period of time, restoring the strength in your jaw and providing a firm foundation for your replacement tooth or teeth. Because they are permanently fixed, implant teeth allow you to eat, speak and smile with complete confidence, allowing you to get back to making the most of life.

3. A long-lasting replacement for missing teeth

Dental implants actually become part of your jawbone, making them a permanent solution to tooth loss. Whereas other methods of tooth replacement such as removable dentures and bridgework may need to be replaced or remade over time, properly cared-for dental implants should last a lifetime. 

Thanks to this, our implant patients are able to restore their smiles and their confidence, making dental implants an excellent long-term investment not just in your appearance, but also in your health and wellbeing.

4. Protect your natural teeth

As we have already mentioned, dental implants actually help to protect your remaining natural teeth unlike traditional solutions such as bridges and crowns. This is because bridges, for example, rely on support from the adjacent teeth and can sometimes cause them to become compromised. Likewise, a partial denture relies on adjacent natural teeth for support, which may lead to them becoming loose over time. 

Dental implants are stand-alone tooth replacements supported by a firm root and don’t rely on support from adjacent natural teeth. They are also suitable for replacing complete dentures. For most people, investing in dental implants is an opportunity to say goodbye to problems and frustrations for the long term.

5. Invest in your appearance

When you lose a tooth, it is often the immediate visual impact of the gap that is of most concern for patients. However, if not repaired promptly, tooth loss can also result in bone loss which can lead to the appearance of premature ageing in your face as a result of your jaw receding. Dental implants halt the process that causes this by fusing to the jawbone and stabilising it, while also supporting the constant stimulation that your jaw requires to rebuild itself and stay healthy – so that you can stay looking younger for longer.

6. Easy to care for

One of the big attractions of dental implants is that looking after them is no different than caring for your natural teeth – they don’t require any special treatment to keep them in shape. Your dental team will be happy to advise you on how to properly maintain your new smile.

For those who have previously worn dentures, you’ll never have to apply special creams and adhesives, or soak them in a glass overnight. This makes them comfortable, practical and discreet and can really improve your self-esteem. As a replacement for dentures, patients can also benefit from an improved sense of taste and smell thanks to that palette no longer being obstructed.

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