5 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

As well as ruining an otherwise beautiful smile, missing teeth can also have a serious impact on your self esteem. They can also increase the risk of further problems with your remaining teeth if not correctly addressed. Here at Regent Dental Centre in Altrincham, we offer the very best in dental implants to help you regain your smile, no matter how many teeth are missing. Here are five reasons we recommend dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Unlike traditional solutions for missing teeth such as crowns and bridges, dental implants actually provide a replacement for the root and not just the visible part of the tooth. This is achieved by using a small titanium screw that is mounted into the jawbone during a painless procedure, replacing the original root and providing a safe and secure way to rebuild your smile. Implants are long-lasting and highly versatile and can be used to secure single teeth, multiple teeth or even a complete new set.

1. Painless treatment

The process of fitting implants is usually conducted using the very latest dental techniques under local anaesthetic. For the vast majority of patients the treatment itself is completely pain free. It should be remembered, however, that it is still a surgical procedure and some discomfort may be experienced during healing. Once the implant is in place you should be able to eat and drink normally within a matter of 24-48 hours – and we can assure you that when you see the final results, you’ll never look back! All dental implant specialists at Regent Dental Centre are highly experienced and able to assure you the very best care throughout the process.

2. Suitable for most patients

One of the many attractions of dental implants as a solution for missing teeth is that they are suitable for almost all patients. One of the most important factors for success is the condition of the bone in the jaw, therefore an implant specialist will always conduct a thorough dental investigation before proceeding. This includes special tests to see if there is enough bone, and if it is in good enough condition. However don’t panic – there are still options (see below) even if issues are identified.

3. What if I Don’t Have Enough Bone?

Even if there is not a sufficient amount of bone or if health issues are identified, it is still often possible to place implants. Modern dentistry techniques allow a procedure known as a bone graft to be performed. This involves either taking some donor bone from adjacent areas or using bone from other sources and placing it in the deficient area. After a few months, the bone will bond sufficiently with the surrounding bone to support the implant. Whilst it may sound complicated and daunting, it is actually quite straightforward and not painful. For most patients, this simply means having to wait a little longer for the final result.

4. Protect your remaining teeth

When you lose one or more teeth, your jawbone can begin to get weaker due to a lack of stimulation. Over time, this can cause problems to other teeth and even lead to them failing. At the same time, traditional solutions such as crowns and bridges rely on your remaining teeth for support and this can cause damage to otherwise healthy teeth. With dental implants, not only is the strength of your jaw restored, but your remaining healthy teeth are left completey intact and undamaged, to you can enjoy a natural smile for years to come.

5. A long-term solution

With a good oral hygiene routine, you can expect your new smile to last for years – in fact, with the right care, implants can often last as long as your natural teeth. For implant surgery to be fully effective and leave you with a lasting smile, it is important to keep them properly clean and visit your dentist for regular check ups – just as you normally would. Treat them with the same respect you would your natural teeth and you will be able to smile with confidence for years to come.

At Regent Dental Centre in Altrincham, we are proud to have been offering the very best in dental care for over 30 years. Our experienced and enthusiastic team is able to offer a full spectrum of dental services, from routine check-ups to full mouth reconstructions. To book an appointment now or enquire about becoming a member, call us on Altrincham 0161 941 2143 or contact us online here.

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