5 top tips to keep your teeth healthy during summer

It is a well-known fact that staying hydrated is a huge factor of keeping your body healthy. During summer, it’s crucial to keep on top of your liquid intake to ensure that you don’t become dehydrated. Although drinking plenty is promoted for your general health, think carefully about your beverages as some may be damaging to your teeth.

Drink Water

The benefits of drinking water throughout the day are plentiful. One of these benefits are that it keeps your mouth moist which helps to wash away any bacteria that causes plaque and bad breath. Dry mouth may put you at risk of tooth decay as the cavity-causing bacteria is sitting in your mouth producing acid that wears away enamel.

Skip the bubbles

Carbonated drinks (including diet) can have negative effects on your oral health due to the high acidity which can cause tooth erosion like softening or destroying the enamel. Some of the signs of tooth erosion are; sensitivity, discolouration, cracking or transparency. If you notice any of these symptoms, seek dental advice.

Use a straw

If you do want to enjoy a carbonated beverage from time to time, make sure you use a straw. This will minimise the contact with the surfaces of your teeth and in turn, will reduce the potential damage. Another tip is to drink water afterwards to wash away any sugar or fizz left in your mouth.

Try Tea

Tea contains fluoride which can help to strengthen enamel and in turn reduce the risks of tooth decay. Just make sure you don’t add milk and sugar.


The key to keeping both your general health and your oral health good this summer is to drink as much water as possible. If you would like more information or tips on keeping your oral health in an amazing condition, contact Regent Dental Centre on 0161 941 2143.


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