Are adult braces right for you?

Having crooked teeth can really lead to a lack of confidence. You may find yourself avoiding smiling in photographs, or showing your teeth in public. If this already sounds like you, it may be the perfect time to learn more about adult braces. 

We are seeing more and more patients looking into the different types of adult braces solutions that we offer at our Altrincham based dental practice. Teeth straightening options have expanded over the past decade to allow adults to achieve their dream smile discreetly, comfortably and affordably. In this article, we will explore the benefits of straightening your smile, what options there are for adults braces in Altrincham, and how you can begin your journey to your new smile. 

What are the benefits of adult braces?

There are many benefits to adult braces and not just that you will end up with a beautifully straight smile at the end of the process. The main benefit of adult braces is that your confidence will be greatly boosted. You won’t be able to help but show off your brand new smile! As well as this, your overall oral health will benefit from your newly straightened teeth, as they will be much easier to clean. 

Find out more about the benefits of teeth straightening here.

What adult braces options do we offer?

At Regent Dental Centre in Altrincham, we offer two different types of adult braces to suit our patients’ different lifestyles. 

Cfast tooth alignment uses tooth-coloured brackets and wires to offer a discrete alternative to traditional ‘train track’ style fixed braces. The advantages of this treatment option is that it offers effective and fast results. Patients should expect to complete their treatment process within 6-8 months – a shorter treatment time means a lower cost for you. 

We also offer the SmileTRU adult braces treatment solution to our patients. We would recommend this option for patients with less severe cases of misalignment. It consists of a series of clear removable aligners that are designed to gently guide you teeth into the new desired position. The factor that attracts patients the most to this solution, is that the aligners are completely removable, meaning you can eat, drink and brush your teeth as normal. 

How long will it take for you to get straight teeth?

Every patient is different. We cannot give a definite answer to how long your treatment process will take. However, in your initial consultation with one of our highly trained orthodontists, you will be guided through the treatment process and how long the orthodontist thinks it will take. There are several factors that can impact the duration of your adult braces treatment including the severity of your crooked teeth and how often you wear your aligners. 

Start your journey to a beautiful smile

If you are reading this article, you must be already considering adult braces and like the sound of the finished result. If you would like to find out more about the treatment process that’s involved at Regent Dental Centre in Altrincham, contact us on 0161 941 2143. Let’s start your journey to a straighter smile today. 

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