Why you should join our practice in 2023

The new year often brings a time of reflection and the urge to accomplish new personal goals. We think that a great place to start is with improving your dental health… maybe even trying a new dental practice?

If you’ve found yourself falling behind on your dental care this year, here’s why you should join our practice in 2023.

We have been established for over 30 years

We are an experienced and established practice, treating thousands of patients over the years. We were initially founded by Dr Lester Ellman in Hale Barns. As the practice has grown, it has moved accordingly, settling in Altrincham.

We have Saturday dental appointments available

We know that people often work conflicting schedules and struggle to get the time off during the week. That’s why we offer Saturday dental appointments at our practice in Altrincham to accommodate those who work 9 – 5.

We have a team of experienced registered dentists

We have experienced registered dentists working alongside a team of dental nurses, hygienists and practice staff.

Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding patient care, keeping them informed throughout their appointment and answering any questions they may have to ensure they are given the best possible experience.

Our practice has a relaxed and friendly environment

If you struggle with dental anxiety (like so many others too), our team is excellent at putting patients at ease. We focus on creating a relaxing environment where everyone is welcomed with a smile.

We build lasting relationships with our patients, providing quality dental care and addressing any fears or concerns in a friendly manner.

We have experience in a range of cosmetic dentistry

Whether you want to straighten your teeth, brighten your smile or replace your missing teeth – we have a range of cosmetic dentistry to transform your smile.

  • Whiten your teeth in as little as four, 15 minute visits to achieve long lasting results with Phillips Zoom! Teeth whitening treatment.
  • Straighten your teeth discreetly with the Cfast or Smile TRU removable aligners
  • Recreate your perfect smile with dental implants, providing a long-term solution for missing teeth.

We offer dental plans at affordable prices

Our dental plans help prevent any issues with your dental health. You will get access to 2x dental examinations, 2 x-rays, free emergency appointments, exclusive discounts on our treatments and more when you sign up!

Combat signs of ageing with our facial aesthetics

Want to start the new year feeling fresh? Our treatments aid with improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping to combat the signs of ageing.

If you are looking for a new dental practice in the Altrincham area, Regent Dental Centre would love to take you on as a new patient. Get in touch today!

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